After almost a year of feeling as if I am neglecting Stargate Caps, I've decided to step down as admin and owner.
Before you send emails about if the site is going anywhere, NO, the site will not be going anywhere.
The big thing is that the site has not had updates in a while and I fully apologize for this.
Real life stepped in and took over and unfortunately it had to take priority over this site.
I was never able to finish Season 4 of Atlantis or even start/finish Season 5 and the caps for the two SG-1 movies have not been done yet either.
Currently I'm in negotiations with someone to take over the site and continue the updates especially with Stargate Universe starting in the near future.
I know this person will do very well with Stargate Caps and will continue to keep the site that Stargate Caps is known for to the fandom.

Thank you again to everyone for your support!

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Stargate SG-1 screencaps are by Thalassa, Beth, Ninie, Lesley, Agrotora, Lily, Shroomy, Adina and Linz.
Stargate Atlantis screencaps are by Shroomy, Adina and Linz.

Anyone who screencaps is welcome to submit theirs to this website. Email Linz for more info

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